Consultant Team

Peter J. Smith & Company, Inc. 

peter j. smith & company, inc. is a full service, multi-disciplinary firm with over twenty-five years experience in Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Economic Development.

PJS&C have pioneered a comprehensive design-based planning approach to sustainable community development and revitalization. Working exclusively for municipal and public sector clients, PJS&C have completed projects throughout North America and overseas. Each project reflects a uniquely innovative emphasis on interactive public involvement.

PJS&C team of professionals is dedicated to providing innovative, effective and practical design and planning in a collaborative atmosphere. We ensure that each project is completed on schedule, within budget and addresses each client’s specific needs. The people of peter j. smith & company, inc. are recognized for our personalized service, enthusiasm and creativity for which we have been honored with numerous awards.

The Destination Erie sub-consultant team includes local and national experts in planning, housing, transportation, and energy:

Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness/CREC

Economic Research Institute of Erie

Mullin & Lonergan Associates

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Cambridge Systematics

The Cadmus Group / CTG

Keystone Research Corporation & Dynamic Visions Consulting